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April 2024:Embracing Conservation and New Chapters

Updated: Apr 10

Dear Adventurer,

This month, we're excited to share some heartwarming news and updates from the field.

Adopting Naisimari and Long'uro:

A Story of Hope

We are delighted to share the heart-warming news that we've recently adopted two precious elephants, Naisimari and Long'uro, from the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya. These two orphaned elephants have truly touched our hearts with their resilience and playful spirits.

Naisimari, a spirited young female calf, was rescued from a well, and Long'uro, a gentle male calf, faced adversity with two-thirds of his trunk missing after a hyena attack. Despite their challenging beginnings, both Naisimari and Long'uro have found solace and sanctuary at Reteti.

By adopting, we aim to support the vital work of Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in rescuing, rehabilitating, and reintegrating orphaned elephants back into the wild. Reteti caregivers provide them with round-the-clock care, nutritious food, and a safe haven to thrive, hence we would like to ensure that these magnificent creatures have a second chance at life.

Join us in welcoming Naisimari and Long'uro to our family and supporting their journey towards a brighter future.

Conservation Spotlight: Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, located in Namunyak Conservatory in Northern Kenya, at the foot of the Matthews Mountain Range of northern Kenya, is a beacon of hope for orphaned elephants. Run by the local Samburu community, Reteti is the first-ever community-owned and managed elephant sanctuary in Africa. It embodies the spirit of grassroots conservation and demonstrates the power of community involvement in wildlife protection.

At Reteti, dedicated keepers provide round-the-clock care to orphaned elephants, ensuring they receive the love, nourishment, and guidance needed for their rehabilitation. Through innovative programs like the Reteti Elephant Rescue and the Reteti Elephant Orphanage School, the sanctuary not only saves lives but also educates future generations about the importance of elephant conservation.

As proud supporters of Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, we invite you to learn more about their incredible work and consider contributing to their cause.

Upcoming Events: Earth Day Celebrations

Mark your calendars for Earth Day on April 22nd! This year, let's come together to celebrate our planet and take meaningful actions to protect it. Whether it's participating in local clean-up efforts, planting trees, or advocating for environmental policies, every small step makes a difference.

Stay tuned for updates on how you can join us in celebrating Earth Day and make a positive impact on our planet.

Get Involved: Support Wildlife Conservation

Interested in making a difference for wildlife? There are many ways you can get involved:

- Adopt an Animal: Consider adopting an orphaned elephant, rhino, or other wildlife species through reputable conservation organizations.

- Volunteer: Explore opportunities to volunteer with local conservation projects or wildlife sanctuaries.

- Spread Awareness: Share information about wildlife conservation on social media and encourage others to join the cause.

Together, we can protect our planet's precious biodiversity and ensure a brighter future for all living beings.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to conservation. Let's make April a month of action and advocacy for our planet!

Warm regards,


Waku Waku Safaris


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