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Create unforgettable memories by exploring the captivating beaches and safaris of Kenya.

Updated: Mar 21

Kenya stands out as an exceptional safari destination, particularly renowned for its vibrant wildlife in the eastern region, showcasing a diverse range of mammals and birds. The cultural richness and natural beauty found here are unparalleled. The captivating landscapes and pristine white sandy beaches add to Kenya’s allure.

When it comes to booking a Kenya safari, numerous packages cater to travelers, offering daily departures and private options. English-speaking guides or drivers are standard, but Spanish and French guides are available upon request.

The selection spans flying safaris, road safaris, Tanzania camping, Uganda and Rwanda gorilla safaris, lodge safaris, and more. Additionally, arrangements for climbing adventures to Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya are readily available.

The synergy between Kenya’s safari and beach experiences is evident. After immersive tours and activities, the breathtaking beach destinations along the Indian Ocean, spanning 480 kilometers of tropical bliss, provide a perfect retreat.

The coastal region, with its beautiful beaches and captivating coral reefs, blends historical influences from Arab and Portuguese cultures, offering a unique perspective on Kenya’s natural beauty.

For travelers seeking a rejuvenating holiday in sparkling, vibrant island settings, Kenya stands as one of the world’s top beach destinations. Mombasa, Malindi, Watamu, and Lamu Island emerge as popular beach destinations, offering a plethora of options for beach safari enthusiasts.

To plan your visit, consider conducting an online survey to explore places like Malindi Marine National Park, Watamu Marine National Reserve, and other underwater wonders. Affordable tour packages are available, ensuring you can uncover all that Kenya has to offer.



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